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Generate 3D assets directly from your phone or web browser

We previewed some of our 3D generation capabilities in our CommonSim-1 preview blog post. We are now making our images-to-3D generation capabilities widely available through front-end apps, and will also be offering APIs shortly after for even greater accessibility. This should enable creators and developers to rapidly populate 3D worlds…


Creating a Roblox Game with CSM

Creating a game requires multiple experts working together for months on end to create realistic 3D worlds with rich goal-directed behaviors. This is a complicated procedure and requires years of experience. Several modern gaming platforms like Roblox focus on user-genererated content and games. However, most of the users on these…


Introducing Coder: Text to Code for 3D world generation, gaming and programming.

Creating 3D worlds for gaming, artificial intelligence training, or content is a complex task that requires modeling intricate interactions between various objects, agents, goals, behaviors, and spaces. Typically, large teams of creators and developers work together for weeks or even months to produce the final results.While our 3D generation capabilities…