Creating a Roblox Game with CSM

Creating a game requires multiple experts working together for months on end to create realistic 3D worlds with rich goal-directed behaviors. This is a complicated procedure and requires years of experience. Several modern gaming platforms like Roblox focus on user-genererated content and games. However, most of the users on these platforms do not have the skillsets required to build complex and engaging worlds. Our technology democratizes the two critical elements in game design and building — 3D asset creation and coding

In this blog post we will do a walkthrough of how to create 3D assets from images, make them Roblox ready and then use CSM’s Coder to write code to make a simple game. You can access and play the final game generated here

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3D Asset Generation

In the first step, a user uploads videos to our 3D generation platform and gets back 3D assets and radiance fields. Please carefully read this blog and the instructions (capture and  create 3D) on the web app / iOS app before recording and uploading videos. If you don’t follow these instructions carefully, it will most likely not work.

These assets are typically high dimensional and have to be decimated in order to fit the Roblox requirement. The following video shows a workflow to make the assets Roblox-ready.

Coder Workflow for Game-logic

After converting and importing all 3D assets in Roblox studio, the user can use our AI code engine to help write games. You can access and play the final game generated here. The objects populating this Roblox game were generated from image inputs and can be accessed here.